Corporate IT Infrastructure

Imagine that your work environment is no longer in a physical location, but instead in an always accessible data center that is reachable via any device. No matter if it is an energy-efficient “thin client”, a traditional computer, a tablet or mobile device. When coupled with an internet connection and simple display software, it becomes an instant access workplace.

A hosted desktop being just that, differs in no other way from a traditional, localized desktop environment with all of the functionalities that you are accustomed to. You can print locally, install software, even sync your Ipod. The only difference is that your programs and data are no longer stored locally on a computer or server, but in a professional, secure data center in the cloud.

Through modern technological and digital developments, new possibilities have arisen, of which science fiction authors have only dreamt or speculated about. We have labeled it the digital work office of the 21st century and our cloud services offer you exactly that.

Welcome to the 21st century.

Virtual Datacenters /
Private Cloud Infrastructure

Looking to operate your Microsoft Exchange server in a datacenter in Switzerland?

Hosted MS Exchange email service provides you with all the features that you know from you local MS-Exchange server: Email, calendar, contacts and tasks.  You can access the MS-Exchange server with the help of your web browser via internet, use a hosted desktop or use an MS-Outlook client on your laptop or computer.

All MS-Exchange solutions are scalable and can be customized to fulfill your individual needs and you only pay for the services that you really need. That way, your work environment grows with you.

Hosted MS-Exchange solutions can be adapted to changing requirements at any time no matter if you need a bigger mailbox or more users. You can satisfy all your needs with only one call to our customer service.

Our MS-Exchange solutions supports synchronisation with Tablets, PDAs, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, which means that you have all your important files immediately available at any time. Synchronization with our system also works via mobile internet with over-the-air technology in any place that has cellphone reception.

Global Domain Management

Take advantage of our Global Domain Management Service to outsource the operations and administration of your corporate domain name portfolio.  Rely on our expertise in managing all aspects of the domain life cycle also including the management of digital certificates.

Security Services

As new threats emerge on an ongoing basis, we urgently recommend our customers to assess their risks. We will help you in the process.

Aside from best practices on the technical level, much of the challenge lies in establishing an awareness culture within the company. Ask us.


About Us

Swiss Information Technology Services

Data Center Services

Our state-of-the-art data center operations are located in the facilities of Interxion in Zurich. The facility is carrier neutral and was the first data center in Switzerland to conform to the highest industry standards in Switzerland set forth by FINMA and the European Union.

We offer our customers server housing (customer supplies hardware) or co-location according to their needs at a competitive price. From single height units to entire server racks.

We supply a complete DNS (domain name server) infrastructure, along with the backoffice processes for registration and maintenance of domain names in any country (ccTLD) of the world (see Global Domain Management Service).

For customers not needing their own hardware, we offer virtual servers based on the vmware platform with individual options (e.g. high availability). These can be managed by Netspan or the customers themselves. The currently supported environments are: Microsoft Windows Servers
as well as Debian and CentOS Linux.

Our ISP services include automated backups of customers’ data that can be tailored to specific requirements (data to be saved, frequency, length of storage etc.).

Our email services and email gateway service include state of the art anti-virus and anti-spam technology which is updated on a continuous basis. Our customers can access or send their email with their preferred email client, or through our multilingual email web interface. This is especially useful in cases when traveling, when the local infrastructure may make it difficult to use email clients. Our customers can also manage their email accounts through a web based administration interface, which makes it easy to add or remove accounts as the organization changes.

We offer web hosting packages for both Microsoft and Linux environments including most popular content management systems such as Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint, Typ03, WordPress and Xaraya.

Customers can opt to monitor their server infrastructure via web interface or SMS alerts.

IT Service Desk

We offer support services through a central support organization for all deployed technologies. The scope ranges from management support to ongoing maintenance of Microsoft based server farms – in our datacenter or yours.
Availability is based on our standard – or customer specific – service level agreement (up to 24/7/365).
Languages supported are English, German, French, Italian and Spanish.

Remote Platform Maintenance

We service networks and servers at customer locations through remote secure access, allowing us to perform routine work, such as preventive maintenance around the clock.

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